The American Spirit


I was starting another post when I realized I wanted to do something patriotic. This book is a collection of  16 speeches by David McCullough, one of America’s most prominent historians. As I read through this I loved learning more about Benjamin Rush and Thomas Jefferson. I felt so inspired when I read this that last month I agreed to circulate a petition for a candidate that was running, because David McCullough urges the listener/reader to participate in this great country’s political system. At the very least make sure you are voting and that your children who are old enough are registered to vote.

Below are two quotes from because hey! It’s a holiday weekend. I just wanted to expose you to something that you and your children, adult or younger would enjoy. My friend Maria recommended it and it was a wonderful read.

“Some of the speeches are inspiring, some of them are informative, and many are both. McCullough’s thrust in all of them is to stress the importance of history as a guide to American character and values. He fears that many Americans, and young Americans in particular, are ignorant of the kind of history that can enrich and guide their views of the present and future; his fears are realized by a meeting with a bright young college student who did not know that the original thirteen states were all on the East Coast. He is convinced that not only can history inform people’s understanding of contemporary events, but that it can remind people of the values and men and women that made this country what it is. In an interview, McCullough mentioned that he put together this collection specifically for these politically troubled times. At the very least they should reassure people that their concerns and fears have been felt – and overcome – by many others in the past.”

Another reviewer said,

“It is interesting that he challenges us to endeavor to read, (and) learn in order to grow in both insight as well as happiness found in education.”

Grandma Adams would agree. Happy Fourth!

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