Hurry! One More Week Only


If you live in Utah Valley, a fun activity you can do with your family after Christmas is to go to the 4th floor of the Provo Library for a special exhibit. I got an email about this free show and we hit in on the way out of town. It was spectacular! Here is the email I got:

“For the last few months, we’ve been lucky to have a special exhibit in the Attic at Academy Square.  National Geographic’s “Rarely Seen” is an exhibition of visual wonders; National Geographic reveals a world very few have the chance to see for themselves.

The exhibition, inspired by the book, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC RARELY SEEN: PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE EXTRAORDINARY, features 50 striking images shot by some of the world’s finest photographers of places, events, natural phenomena, and man-made heirlooms seldom seen by human eyes.

This exhibit will only be on display until December 29, which means you have just one week left to see it before it’s crated up and shipped back to National Geographic.

The Attic is located on the 4th Floor of the Academy Wing, accessible only by elevator. We are open Monday – Friday from 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

We hope to see you soon!”

Make special note—it opens at 3:30 in the afternoon because they have someone at the desk staffing it. They also have a scavenger hunt for kids with a little prize at the end for filling out the paper. My favorite picture was the one of the man with the swimming elephant—sorry about the other pictures being reflected in it! My husband and daughter’s favorite was the snowflake, blown up to huge poster size. The beauty and symmetry of a single snowflake. It was a masterpiece! This is my kind of thing—free, enriching and mind expanding.

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