1000 People of Dance

I read about this video in a local paper  last night. I wish I was more on the cutting edge, but I was the 38,456 person to see  the “1000 People of Dance”. (Whew! It’s up to 52,965 views this morning!)

Watch this with your kids and see if you can find the one older couple dancing, a girl with red gloves, a green bridge and the girl doing Irish step dancing. (Which calls to my Celtic roots!)

 I looked up Matt Bray on Youtube and he has done “the 100 People of Dance” seen below, but that had over 4 million views. Watch “the 1000 people of Dance” and  get in on it sooner.

It reminds me of the dance breaks we would do when we were all working together as a family…Craig would put on a song and yell, “DANCE BREAK!” and we would stop and dance.

The idea of Mat Bray approaching strangers and teaching them a dance tickles me to no end—and I love the different backdrops that this world provides. Stunning backgrounds. I watched the first video four times! It made me happy—it delighted me! Remember to dance with your children!

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