Choose the Right: Part 2

My daughter called on Saturday. She was moving into her student apartment and said, “The rod is missing from my closet.” I said, “That’s easy! Go to the apartment management to get a new one.” She said, “They manage many apartments and are very unresponsive.”


We told her she could take the measurements of the rod and go to Home Depot and they would cut the bar for her.  She would have to come home for a measuring tape.


She said at this point, “I am tempted to just switch out the rod of my roommates that haven’t moved in yet, but I know that’s not the right thing to do.” I could commiserate with her. I know when I have done stuff like that, the guilt would linger and it’s not worth it! My husband said, ” Take your roommate’s rod and see if it fits the size of   your closet. Then, if it matches, take your roommates rod to Home Depot and have them cut another rod  exactly to match.”

IMG_2323Underneath this photo she sent us she had written “CHAMPION”.

First “easy” scenario: “Oh my rod is missing”. You spy one in the next room. Take your roommate’s closet rod and squirm when she mentions that her rod is gone. GUILT, GUILT, GUILT. If your guilt overcomes you and you try to make it right– mention to your roommate that you took her rod and then try to give it back–AWKWARD. Starting off on a bad foot with a new roommate. She could think–“What else has she taken?”

Second “harder” scenario. “Oh my rod is missing”. You spy one in the next room. You know the apartment manager will put you off because of previous experiences. You have never thought about an apartment rod before and wonder how to replace it. Call parents for options. Go to Home Depot. Install rod with a feeling of satisfaction. NEVER THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN=PEACE. Choosing the right over and over again, is so worth it.

(I got her permission to use the story. When I asked if I could include the picture she said,   “That will cost you $20!” Then she gave me the family rate–$0. Lucky me!)

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