“This is Me. I am seeing you.”

Last month I read this article in Meridian Magazine. The author talked about a difficult Sunday morning she was having and because of the many Tender Mercies she felt, and was able to see, she knew that God was saying to her, ‘This is Me. I am seeing you.’” 

I have never thought about Tender Mercies in that way. Somehow reading this article made me realize that Tender Mercies are more than a loving way for Heavenly Father to communicate with me, but actually the way He wants to be closer to me. The idea of the Master of the Universe wanting a personal connection with me is incredulous and amazing. The shift for me is the degree of difference from someone calling me on the phone to see how I am doing, to someone sitting across from me, looking me in the eyes and saying, “I totally get what is important to you, what makes your heart happy, what inspires and delights you.”

As I have really started looking and noticing Tender Mercies since I read that article, I see them happening all the time. Here are just a few:

A woman with my maiden name, came into my booth at the temple. It delighted me! Of all the people in line, she came in at the exact time that my half hour shift was. It’s not the most unusual of names but I rarely run across it.

I was stationed at a front chair at the entrance of the temple and my husband walked by. I didn’t know he was attending that morning, he didn’t know my shift locations and we had a fun exchange and connection for a minute.

I had a hectic day a few days later and my reward was sitting down and reading a good book. The most beautiful– what I call “Hollywood snow”–started coming down and it mesmerized me. It was thick and fluffy and drifting so slowly that I couldn’t concentrate on reading. Me, the Arizona Gal, who wished winter away in Utah’s northern clime for many years, now loves winter. Those flakes entertained me with a sense of wonder all afternoon. I felt God’s love so deeply and completely.

I also love to share these Tender Mercies with my children so they can see how God wants to connect with us, so much, if we are paying attention.

From the above Meridian article:

“As I notice and absorb these many Tender Mercies, I can thank Him who created them. Elder Richard G. Scott encourages us to “Choose to converse with your Father in Heaven often. Make time every day to share your thoughts and feelings with Him. Tell Him everything that concerns you. He is interested in the most important as well as the most mundane facets of your life. Share with Him your full range of feelings and experiences.”’

“If He wants me to share, it’s because He wants to see me. He wants to respond to those feelings and experiences. As I share the details of my life, I begin to recognize that He sees and responds to that openness. I look for His tender mercies, so I can say in return “This is me. I am seeing You.”’

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