Your Personal Institute Teacher

I finally figured out in the last few years that when I used an expert’s knowledge, I spent more time in the scriptures and loved my time there. It changed how I felt about scripture study. I used David Ridges’ books for a while, perused different teachers on youtube, and in September, a young mother in my neighborhood recommended a different channel on youtube, called “Unshaken”.

I had been watching “Don’t Miss This“, which covered the week’s “Come Follow Me” in about an hour. When I went on Unshaken’s channel, taught by Jared Halverson, I was surprised to see he had an hour plus change for part 1 only. Then another part 2 section was also over an hour. I was like, “You have got to be kidding me!”

I tried Unshaken initially, and liked what I was learning. Slowly, slowly I have eased into this more demanding schedule. I feel like I have my own personal institute teacher every morning. Brother Halverson goes through each scripture, cross-referencing other scriptures, church history, and his own experiences.

As I looked through my notes, there are so many gems to share:

“It is ironic to get to know God without God’s help. When we don’t understand we have to keep trying. We have our whole lives to learn. Brigham Young said that was one of the things he admired most about Joseph Smith–Joseph had the ability to translate heavenly things with earthly understanding. Joseph could drink from the fire hose and actually swallow.”

“Hold onto your intellect but add to it Spirit. Keep learning, keep getting to know God.”

“It is one thing to know the difference between good and evil, it’s another thing to know the solution to evil, and the source of all good. It is knowledge that drives us out of the innocence and the naivety of Eden. But it is that divine knowledge that lifts us out of the valley east of Eden to the elevation of the Atonement.”

“The focus of all the scriptures is Jesus, Himself! His role in the Father’s plan where over and over again, He has multiplied their ( the Nephites, in 3rd Nephi, Book of Mormon) loaves and fishes. Jesus wants them to start spreading the word. It’s like the Sacrament, He blesses it and they are filled, now they make sure everyone gets the same.”

“Mormon ( from the Book of Mormon) was an expert in faith, hope and charity– fundamental Christian values. He was without hope in Mormon 5:2 because the people were so wicked. Mormon was without faith and hope, but never without charity. This was his dying message.”

Brother Haverson went to Divinity School for his graduate degree. Other students would ask him why the Latter-Day-Saints referenced the House of Israel so much. He would tell them, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints builds on the House of Israel. He went on to say, “If Christianity and Judaism had a baby, it would be the Latter-day Saints!”

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