The Reason For the Season

I get weary of the materialism that each holiday brings. My mailbox is full of ads, Pinterest has now been taken over by ads posing as pins, even my credit union has added a banner on my home page of my accounts that I have complained about. I watched with horror as Black Friday appeared on the scene in the early 2000’s, although I did participate once in 2004 and went to Walmart at 4:00 am. That was the last time for me. I have become more alarmed as major stores opened at midnight on Thanksgiving, and then to 10:00 pm on Thanksgiving day. In 2014 they opened at 6:00 pm on Thanksgiving day. I know there are incredible discounts but we have to look at what we are giving up. Can’t we have a significant holiday without going shopping? Aren’t there enough days in the year for that?

My church is doing a #LighttheWorld campaign. Here is a video about that. There are suggestions on what to do everyday to feel happier during this season through service. As we follow the Savior’s example we will feel His peace and joy. I have felt that deeply! Service really works!

We loved watching this movie, about 20 minutes long about the Savior’s birth. I love the scene where Joseph is wanting pregnant Mary to move so she can lie down, and she gives him that look to stop him from moving her. I loved it!

A friend, Laura, contacted me through a group text to help with her 12 Days of Christmas idea. A mutual friend’s son had passed away in the last few months and Laura wanted to help her through the holidays. It was fun to see our other friends pop up on the text and claim one of the 12 days. The idea of our bereaving friend, getting love and good wishes delivered to her door every day, the 12 days before Christmas, made me so happy. This act of charity is exactly what I need to help me keep the Christmas Spirit.

Finally, I posted here, three years ago, how much the music of The Messiah means to me. I won’t be able to go to a live performance this year and participate, but I can watch it virtually.

John Bytheway has completed captured the reason for the season in his 5 minute fireside on the three levels of Christmas. You can watch it here.

I am trying to filter out the commercialism, the busy-ness we can get ourselves into, and focus on my Savior and service. It makes me the happiest!

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