Why I Love America

I blew it. I didn’t write a patriotic blog last week even though I feel strongly about America and what it offers its citizens. With a wonderful weekend of celebration and profound moments of meaning for me still lingering I want to write about my wonderful country.

Why do I love America?

  • I love that our Founders, at great cost, created a document called the Constitution that has steered our country through 245 years of being a Republic. Many countries have also written up their own versions of a Constitution modeled after ours. I was at a Provo City Council meeting this week and a disgruntled citizen complained that the City Council was spending money that all of the people of Provo didn’t have a say in. The Provo City Attorney spoke to his complaint and said that we do not live in a democracy which means we all make the decision together, but in a republic, which means we elect people to make decisions for us. I was happy to see that this guy was treated respectfully. This is a wonderful sign of a free and just society.
  • I love that we pull together during times of crisis. Witness the last few weeks of the Miami condo collapse and how the city and first responders are working together during such a terrible catastrophe.
  • This video on Youtube, that I blogged about here, is evidence that people can make it in America. This couple didn’t go to college, and made $60,000.00 a year together. The average wage per person, in 2019 in the US, was $51,916.27 .1 What they did that was so remarkable is they saved 25,000.00 a year for ten years, achieved financial independence and both stopped working at their J-O-B-S.
  • I loved hearing Tad Callister speaking this week at Cougar Stadium about planting the Tree of America. He said those of us enjoying the fruits of this great country shouldn’t go back and disparage those that planted the seeds and nurtured them along.
  • I love the men and women God put in place to make America great. Reading the biographies of George Washington, Abbigail Adams and Martin Luther King helped me appreciate the sacrifices that they made . Lesser known people also sacrificed and changed their family’s futures like Donald and Itasker Thorton in “The Ditchdigger’s Daughters” and Sonya Carson in “Gifted Hands”.
  • Immigrants from totalitarian governments have spoken up recently against Critical Race Theory being used for curriculum in their school districts. I am grateful they see the difference and are alerting us to what the truth is.
  • I loved standing in a stadium of people singing, with Lee Greenwood, “God Bless the U.S.A”. I love the Provo Freedom Festival parade, the family reunions and my nephew that kept wanting to hold his own flag.

Why are you grateful for America?


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