Our Goal Is Peaceful Parenting

Parenting can be peaceful. As we teach our children about character, why it is critical to their happiness, they will learn and model these divine attributes of the Savior.

Our ultimate peace comes from our Savior, Jesus Christ. As we include Him everyday, in the essential choices we make, His peace will flow to us.

As we teach our children how to work and do hard things, this will also deepen who they are and what they can become.

Another high leverage gift you can give your children is the love of reading. Connecting through mealtimes will also offer emotional and healthful benefits, so many, that you can’t believe how a simple meal can make such a difference.

As you turn your back on what popular culture is doing, you will start to reclaim your children from screens and unessential busyness. My name for these connected, thoughtful, awake humans are “Deep River Children”. They have profound, enduring capabilities that will fortify them throughout their lives.

Parenting becomes more peaceful as we focus on these few essential activities. I hope to inspire you through your parenting journey.