What is a Fierce Mormon Mother?

The phrase Fierce Mormon Mother was used to describe my Grandmother, Lila Adams.

A family friend, William Dyer, used this expression when he spoke at my Grandmother’s funeral:  “As I knew Sister Adams better, there was with her a familiar spirit because I recognized in her that kind of fierce Mormon mother that was characteristic of my mother.”

He went on to define what he meant by FIERCE:

  • FIERCE in loving the truth expressed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • FIERCE in knowing who you are, what your values are, and that your goals reflect those values.
  • FIERCE in loving your family members deeply, and showing that love for them often.
  • FIERCE in guarding your home from the tidal wave of negative, outside influences.

In my own family, when no one wanted to help, or when the sun was too hot in the garden or the whining got too bad, I would reach down deep in my roots and say to myself, “I’m a Fierce, Mormon Mother!” It has helped me not to give up–I could muster up a little more patience, distract the cranky child, or tell a funny story.

It has become a foundational phrase for me when I need to square my shoulders and march ahead to do any Hard Thing that faced me. It has empowered me to do the difficult, but necessary.